10891459_10204880851396773_3965400747643515732_nDeeply rooted in metro Atlanta’s restaurant industry for over three decades, David Smedlund has operated establishments from the best steakhouse in midtown, the swankiest sushi spot in Roswell, the tastiest tacos in Brookhaven, the newest concept in sports bars in Marietta to the most reputable southern barbecue restaurant in Alpharetta.

He says every restaurant must have the same primary objective: to provide the freshest, tastiest food of its variety coupled with over-the-top attentive service to each individual guest. He closely monitors front and back of house activities to ensure this. No matter the menu item ordered, it needs to be served with a gracious smile and be the ‘best’ this guest has ever tasted.

FB_IMG_1555514508088David became interested in the mobile food industry after observing the popularity of the food trucks in Alpharetta. He and a friend purchased a NYC- style cart with plans to get something going ‘on the side’. Tragically, his partner passed away unexpectedly, which ironically made it even more important to him he get moving with the cart business, in honor of his buddy. Things seemingly took off immediately!

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A native Atlantan, David can get a little riled up when the Falcons lose and perhaps a little long-winded when talking about how well his four children are doing in school and in life; but everyone would agree we can rely on Dave to do what he says he will do. He’s kind to all, as unpretentious as his all-American dogs, and a charmer – in a good way. His ‘serving others’ temperament wins him lots of unexpected compliments, which makes you look good for hiring such a fine fellow.  With Dave, you’ll get great, all-beef, American dogs and attentive, professional service, too.

Click here to view a few pictures of the GLSD cart.

Contact David to learn more about bringing Goin’ Local Street Dogs to your next corporate or social event. Or, reach out to David @ 678-813-3736